Live Interactive Workshops are held every year with the Didac India exhibition. The Workshops are conducted by prominent companies which help to Enhancing Teaching and Learning, Formulation and discussion on new initiatives & many other things.
Didac India is largest education conference, education exhibition and training resources with the nine years of success. Didac is the only event in the Asia Pacific region for Educational Material Training & Technology based solutions for all levels and sectors of the Education & Training Industry.
Every year Didac India is held 3 days educational conferences for teachers. teacher education conferences and Workshops are conducted by prominent companies which help the teachers, trainers, senior management, academicians and professors of education institution in Enhancing Teaching and Learning, Hands-on exploration of topics and many other things.
Every year, TIESS is held currently with Didac India Exhibition which showcases the best products and solutions globally for the Education sector. This makes it an ideal platform for passionate educators, leaders and experts to come together and address the growing demand for development and growth in the education and training sector worldwide with a special focus on India.
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Study courses in Lithuania commence twice a tear in September and February. If you want to study diploma in Lithuania, it is not available for international students
When it comes to interesting presentation topics, some students have it in them naturally. But for others, it can be a nightmarish experience. Sweat glands start doing its work without your permission no matter if it is 5 people or 500 people in the audience. Rapid heartbeats, astounding pressure and fear of failure make it difficult for you to move even. But you cannot be a goat standing still in the middle of the auditorium or room. You don’t need to.